About Tobi Longbottom

Tobi Longbottom, a high adventure Hobbit, that travels to a variety of places and has been seen at Faerie Festivals. Tobi is a character in the fictional reality based travel story that this blog has become. Tobi Longbottom appears as a children’s character at festivals and other events appropriate for the Hobbit.

Tobi’s intention is to add an adventure theme to real life traveling as an educator, a creative character, companion to storyteller Bright Hawk, and imagination guide. Tobi offers a variety of programs designed to expand the imagination of children, teach values about nature, eating healthy foods, and compassionate kind values for each other. Tobi leads unicorn hunts and other imaginative nature based programs for your community. Unicorn hunts include meditation and yoga for children. Tobi is often accompanied by a very friendly 5ft Ball python, Jake. Jake & Tobi offer a character that can bring exciting adventuring to your child or family friendly festival, event, or program. Tobi Longbottom offers a faerie adventure hike through the woods that includes building 100% natural faerie dwellings and imagination exercises. Tobi loves to play the games he learned at the shire and is happy to guide your group of children in Hobbit games, forest adventures with faerie themes, storytelling adventures, and generally fun & games. A friend to everyone with the purest of heart he begins his adventures at your next event!

Tobi Longbottom is a character created by Hollis Taylor with the intention to teach about reptiles, clean eating, adventuring and nature, especially for children. Tobi Longbottom has become a character in a creative blogging idea from the brain of Hollis Taylor. Hollis Taylor not only loves the Hobbit story but also other fantasy stories and a huge lover of larps. Hollis a former larper, loves to create a story of adventure, magic and fantasy pulling from every video game, story and movie that has ever inspired them. This blog is inspired by the travel that Hollis Taylor has been blessed to recieve. In an effort to share their travels in a unique way they created a fantasy story, larp style, loosely based on their reality of 10months in a camper van. This blog will also include GPS coordinates and a link to information about the space that is referred to in the blog, along with the nature photos included in the blog. Hollis’ story will be inclusive with mostly gender bending, neutral and gender variant characters and the occasional cis gender person. Hollis’ story includes animals, creatures in a world that is only a reflection of our world, the reflection is from a fantasy point of view.



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