The Adventure Begins

By Hollis Taylor

The Adventure Begins

Jake hisses and begins to move about the room very quickly in and out of human form. Once Jake has their wand the entire room of stuff is quickly packaged up. The wind whips up into a cone that comes down from above to sweep everything up and spits out a teeny bag to be gripped by the tail of Jake’s snake form.

Ending in human form, still with the belt and loin cloth Jake stands otherwise nude directly in front of the human form of Bright Hawk. Jake hisses and says, “I hear that I am destined to join you—but sssstill I am afraid. I am afraid you will eat me Hawk, as that issss your nature and insssstinct. I fear my life will end at the hands of the humanssss that fear me. I am afraid Bright Hawk. I know I live in the darknesssss and you are offering to carry me into the light. The darknesssss is what I know and the light is blinding. My transsssformation movessss me closssser and closssser to the light and I feel the pussssh towardssss the light. Trussssting you Bright Hawk is my newesssst transsssformation.” Jakes body slithers into snake form where they land on the floor and coil around itself. The skin begins to peel off leaving behind a silvery soft skin that gets left in the center of the snakes spiral. Jake slithers away.

Bright Hawk witnesses the transformation and examines the snakes new skin. Reaching out with her human female formed hand she feels the new skin of the snake with her naked finger tip. The feathers covered the rest of her hand and up her arms with some of the feathers still hanging off her shoulders and biceps like small wings. As if they were left over from her transformation from Hawk to human female. Her face lights up with a smile as she stands over the snake.

Jakes transforms back into human form with shiny new skin to stand in front of Bright Hawk. Jake hisses and stares into her smiling eyes. An intense silence fills the space for several moments.

“Ok Bright Hawk, I am going to trusssst you, that you will carry me into the light and not eat me.” Jake closes their eyes, shape shifts into a snake and grasps the teeny bag with the hook of their tail. Quickly, Bright Hawk transforms, scoops up the snake with their beak, flies out the window, and flying off back the way they came.

Bright Hawk lands at their nest at the very top of the Dryads branches, Jake still dangling gently in their beak. Bright Hawk carefully places the snake in their nest and settles down for a bit of rest before the meeting in the morning. There is a sense of peace in the tree as everyone is home, tucked in safe and sound.

The next morning the Hobbit was the first to stir. Tobi had dreamed about a snake wizard that created a Pegasus. Tobi could not see the face of this wizard only a figure with a dark purple and silver lined hooded cape and a wand. The Pegasus was large enough for everyone to be carried with comfort and all their belongings. The Pegasus was able to transform to blend in and create safe space for all the creatures within it. Space within the Pegasus stretched to create a kitchen for the Hobbit, space for the Hawk’s nest, space for the wizard, dryad and the Peaceful Warrior, Burdock.

A nervous anxious energy began to fill the Hobbit’s kitchen but was easily released with the sweet warming smell of cinnamon baking in the oven. The Hobbit pulled the sweet bread from the oven and began to slice it. A human formed dryad enters the room with dark skin much like the color of a tree. The dryad has bark like skin on the back parts of the hands, elbows, around the neck, on the shoulders and around the torso like armor. Hard bark emerges from their skin to cover their human knees and the tops of their human feet. The dryad moves with peaceful grace towards the Hobbit. The dryad has an androgynous face and leaflike green hair that flows past their shoulders. A mixture of thick curly hair intermingled with leaves hanging from strands of hair gives this creatures its unique human form. Leaves are covering their genitalia as if to keep it private in their human form. They had wings made from branches and moss. The wings stayed pressed up against the dryads back pointing down towards their feet. The gentle androgynous voice flows from the mouth of the dryad, “Good morning Hobbit, you requested my presence. I am grateful and joyous to connect with you in this form.”

The Hobbit looks up from the bread being sliced with a big smile. Tobi sets everything down to greet their friend with a hug. They embrace each other like old friends. Tobi begins to move about the kitchen in a busy sort of hobbit way. “My friend would you be willing to pour everyone a cup of tea? I have put out a set of cups.” Motioning first towards the tea pot and cups the Hobbit then returns to their bread slicing. Moments later Bright Hawk enters the room in her human feminine form holding in their hands a five foot Ball python to her chest. The Hobbit looks up to see the snake in the Bright Hawk’s hand and begins to get excited. As the Hobbit sets down the knife to greet Bright Hawk, a knock at the door stops them from proceeding. The Hobbit smiles and begins to rock back and forth on both feet as if they couldn’t decide which way to go. Finally the Hobbit laughs and leans towards Bright Hawk, “Welcome my friend to you and your slithering friend. Enjoy a piece of bread and tea while I answer the door.”

The Hobbit scurries to the front door, swings it open expecting to see the Peaceful Warrior, Burdock. Instead, Tobi is greeted by a three foot Goblin. The goblin is a very pale skinned with a leather vest, leather chaps, leather boots, and very large goggle type glasses strapped to their head. A very tight fitting leather hat lay beneath the glasses. The Goblin is waving his arms around and repeating, “Hay, hay, Hobbit! Down here Hobbit, down here!”

As the Hobbit begins to stare at the Goblin, the goblin lets out a big sigh and begins to speak to the Hobbit, “I am sup’osd to be here wif’ YOU now! I have ‘dings to tell you…. The Royal Goblins has told me of the ‘dings you are to do and I hav’to deliver d’ese messages…. you MUST let me in.” The Goblin pushes past the Hobbits legs and heads straight for the soothing smell of cinnamon wafting from deep within the kitchen. The Hobbit turns to close the door just as the Peaceful Warrior appears down the path leading to the Hobbit’s door.

The Hobbit leans into the house in hopes that the goblin hasn’t stirred up any trouble with their visit on this very important morning. Listening for trouble the Hobbit decides they can continue hold the door open and greet the warrior with a hug. After the two embrace the warrior hangs their cape by the door and the Hobbit begins to explain that just moments before a goblin came and claimed to have messages to deliver from the royal goblins. The Warrior studied the Hobbits face as they faced each other before proceeding to the kitchen. The Warrior looks concerned at the Hobbit and says, “Well let’s see what messages they hold.”

Burdock and Tobi walk side by side into the kitchen. The Goblin sits beside the dryad who is calmly eating their bread and drinking tea. The dryad speaks gently about the wisdom of the trees. After staring for a moment into the dryads eyes the Goblin feels shaken and looks away, as Burdock and Tobi enter the room fully. The Goblin stands up on the bench and seems to remember why they came. Jumping up and down the goblin repeats over and over in their goblin like tone, “All o’ you here now! Listen to Puvy now, listen to me. The Royal Goblins sent message with Puvy for all o’ you now!”

The dryad giggles and lays their gentle hands on the shoulder of the goblin. Puvy calms down and sits on the edge of the table with their feet on the bench. Holding their tea closely to their chest the goblin is obviously torn between the message they were sent to deliver and accepting the guidance of the dryad.

The Hobbit looks directly at the goblin and feeling a bit annoyed at their rudeness at the front door and now in the kitchen, the Hobbit speaks to the goblin in a condescending tone, “Ok Puvy, you are in my home. Your entrance was rude and now you are behaving rudely again. I demand you deliver your message to me now so that we can promptly ask you to leave.”

The Goblin stands on the table in order to be slightly taller than the Hobbit, looking down into the Hobbit’s eyes and says, “The Royal Goblins sent Puvy to tell you that U’r purpose is useless, useless I say, do you hear me, its all useless..…” Puvy begins to jump frantically around the table yelling at all the creatures in the room. “U’r wasting u’r time, stop now, its all fools errand…. Dere will never be peace in universe, creat’rs are always violent and always will be. All creat’rs are naturally violent. Nature of creat’rs is to seek power, u’r purpose and meaning is useless, its all USELESS can you see that!? U’r try to bring light to world is futil’! The Royal Goblins will partner with the Greedy Giants, The War Monger people, and the Contrarian Orcs to stop your foolish attempts at dismissing the darkness that rules the land.”

The Goblin had stopped jumping and now was instead pronouncing their message as if programmed to say it once the Hobbit gave permission. When the goblin stopped talking there were several moments of silence, the goblin sat exasperated by the side of the dryad. Eventually Puvy laid their head in the lap of the dryad and accepted love and pets from the dryad. The Dryad sighed and said sarcastically, “Well I guess we all know our mission now?”

The Bright Hawk had placed the snake in a chair near the fire when the Hobbit had answered the door. The Dryad spoke, “I am validated in my clairvoyance about the overall mission of this trip. I forseen this little Puvy.”

The next moment the snake transformed into into the wizard, full human form. The wizard stood up from the chair in full human form with a large dark purple robe with silver lining around the edges. The wizards hands pushed out of the very large shiny silver cuffs to move the dark hood off their head, revealing a rainbow hat that pops up as the wizard pushes the hood off their head. It is a tall wizards hat with spiraling colors all the way up to the point, where there seemed to be a shiny light dangling from the top. The wizards hands and face seemed to have some discoloration left over from their snake form. Everyone in the room stood in awe at the now human before them presenting as a wizard.

The Hobbit immediately forgot all about Puvy and was so excited to see the wizard from their dream. The Hobbit walked closer with ease until the wizard put up their hand as if to say stop.

A hiss came from the wizards mouth, “Ssstop there Hobbit you will hear me just fine right where you are.” another hiss and a moment of silence passed until the wizard spoke again, “Are you telling me that you all plan to try to chasssse the darknessssss from the world? As this seemsssss to be a very weary plan, the likelihood of all creaturessss sssstepping into a peaceful sssstatussss soundssssss….. imposssssible, even with powerful magic from our combined effortssss. I agree with Puvy, your intention sssseemssss ridiculoussssss. This sssseemssss like a wassssted effort.” another hiss leaves their mouth and the snake sits in the chair as if to wait and see what everyone will do.

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