The Adventure Begins (Intro 1)

By Hollis Taylor

Growing up in the land of Longbottom had inspired many Mountain Hobbit’s adventurers. The view from the tall peaks of the Rocky Mountains inspired many Longbottom’s and other Mountain Hobbits to go on epic adventures, unlike many Hobbit cousins from the Shire. Some Mountain Hobbits believed it was just in their blood while others believed they were a different breed of Hobbit, altogether. Tobi Longbottom was inspired by Uncle Tobi, aka Old Tobi. Tobi was named after Old Tobi. Tobi Longbottom would be inspired every time Old Tobi would visit their childhood home. Tobi would feel inspired to travel by the stories of Old Tobi’s exciting adventures.

The land of Longbottom had a train going straight through it because of the heavy trade of Longbottom Leaf grown in the area. A busy part of the mountains filled with many Hobbits but also many other creatures that have felt a call to these mountains. No one really understands the call that so many have heard but the call seems to be clear about who shall stay. Tobi’s home in Longbottom is beneath a tall tall pine tree that is often a Dryad, Starr Pine. Dryad’s are interesting creatures and this Dryad was called to Longbottom because of their newest connections to pine trees. Starr Pine lived in balance with Tobi, providing shade just on top of his Hobbit home. The entrance to the home in Longbottom was like a door in the hill just beneath the large Pine Tree form manifested by Starr Pine. This pine tree was a very special Pine Tree. The Hobbit lived below their roots while the Bright Hawk built a nest in their branches. Bringing forward each creatures biggest strengths this connection was in benefit to each creature and completely sustainable.

Tobi grew up listening to Old Tobi’s stories and wisdom about traveling and adventures. When Tobi would get excited about the time Tobi would finally adventure to far off lands, Old Tobi would reassure the young hobbit, “Don’t worry youngin’, your day will come, and when it does you will be ready to travel and adventure till your hearts content.”

The young Hobbit grew up yearning for adventures but staying focused on learning as many skills as possible. Old Tobi taught the belief that young Hobbits learned everything their hearts called to as a form of preparation for their fate to adventure. Tobi stayed focused on learning gardening, herbal medicine mixing, wild crafting, outdoor survival, camping skills, plant identification, Cooking, baking, scouting, and wildlife. Tobi had also gained experience talking to faeries like their favorite Dryad, Starr Pine. Dryads were peaceful creatures that transformed and shape-shift into many manifestations and are also known touch healers. Dryads are shy creatures with a love for all nature and often find themselves connected to animals that take home in their branches. Starr Pine and Tobi were friends for a long time and the Bright Hawk that lived in the branches of Starr Pine found Tobi to be trustworthy, noble, and honest. The Three lived together in a large Tree home, provided by Starr Pine, deep in the forest in the land of Longbottom.

The land of Longbottom held many characters that were on the verge of big adventures, and Tobi was sure to listen to all their adventures in order to learn as much as possible before it was their time. One of Tobi’s favorite new adventurers was the Androgynous Peaceful Warrior, Burdock, whom had recently shared of their most recent adventure across the land to heed their call to the mountains. The Longbottom mountains had a way to call certain characters but Burdock was not really sure what the call was for but was excited to be present. Burdock had spent the last couple of months soaking in the peaceful and healing magick of the Longbottom mountains. Burdock spent time praying each day in hopes that the rest of their quest would become clear to them, when it was the perfect time. Recently, Burdock had began to understand their next quest was going to be long and intense – as this would be the beginning of Burdock’s work in the world to support the evolution to community cooperation and world peace.

When Burdock first met the Hobbit Tobi Longbottom they knew that they would soon travel together and that became more clear as Tobi & Burdock became closer friends. Burdock began to understand more about the adventures they were about to take on and decided to begin to form their party. Burdock didn’t understand how it would work if they were to only ask for the Hobbit to come along but decided that the divine knew better and trusted to just make the first step, even though they didn’t have all the pieces.

Burdock to Tobi, “So with these visions you understand what we must do? I am sensitive to your connections to Starr Pine and the Bright Hawk and understand if you turn down my invitation to journey together. “

Tobi’s heart raced and they immediately found themselves overwhelmed with excitement, keeping Tobi’s words from manifesting on the outside. Eventually after a long silence and racing excitement inside Tobi’s head they are able to answer coherently.

“I been waiting for this moment my entire life! Are you nuts? I am not turning this down! I am excited to adventure with you and I bet that both Starr Pine and the Bright Hawk are willing to come along. Could be helpful to have the healer and the bard along. Do you have the other party members figured out? How are we traveling? Where do we begin? How about food? I will volunteer to take care of the food for the whole party! I love food!” The Hobbit smiles real big and begins to move towards the fresh baked bread they had pulled out of the oven just moment before Burdock knocked on the door.

The room was round, with a basic kitchen, although EVERYTHING was made of wood, except for the stove, it was an iron wood burning stove and oven. There were pressed herbs in frames clearly labled for identification purposes as well as herbs hung from the ceiling. The pantry was full of raw ingredients for cooking projects for a month, it was kept at this level incase of a snow in. Hobbits LOVE snow ins, great time to bake all day long! There is a hand painted sign that says, “Freshly Baked from the HEART” and it had a large red heart on it. Burdock smiled when they seen this as it was a reminder of how Hobbits are always pure of heart. Never with intentions that didn’t consider others, this Hobbit celebrated their big heart, a very good trait in a friend, companion, or partner. Burdock smiled as they realized that spirit knew better then they had imagined and now Burdock understood why they didn’t know how to answer the rest of the questions the Hobbit proposed about who else might come along. The one question Burdock struggled with the most, “How are we traveling?”

Burdock smiled and after a quiet pause began to explain how they had visioned things. Then Burdock agreed to let the Hobbit take care of food and leaned in deep to the Hobbit over the table of tea and bread the Hobbit had brought out as Burdock explained their visions. Burdock leaned in deep staring into the eyes of the Hobbit and said, in a whispering mysterious voice with fear and excitement vibrating in the tone of voice Burdock used, “I DO NOT know how we will travel but I had a dream of a white Pegasus, very mysterious. I don’t know anything else. Maybe you can help?”

Tobi leans back and stares into Burdock’s eyes, “Are you saying you seen a Pegasus in your dream and we were traveling on it?” Tobi’s heart pounding with excitement from the Deja Vu they were having from a prior vision

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