The Party Forms (Intro 2)

By Hollis Taylor

Tobi stares intensely at Burdock and takes a sip of their tea. Tobi says intensely, “Old Tobi, my adventurer Uncle Hobbit? He told me that I would travel on a White Pegasus to my life’s journey and purpose when I was a very young Hobbit. Although, I am not sure how to find this Pegasus. I would need to sleep on this. On where to even start.” a worried look came across both of their faces.

The Hobbit and Burdock finish their bread and agree to spend time alone in prayer and to reconvene for breakfast the next day. There was no time to waste, now was the time to go. Both were excited to begin their lifelong calling but to find the mode of transportation could be a real challenge. Their needs were unique as not being dependent on staying at other places on the journey, it would be better for the entire party to have their home with them. Especially at the gatherings that were calling them to attend in reverence with their entire journey. Also, the Hobbit would need a place to cook and prepare food for everyone, plus space to carry along helpful tools. The Hobbit found themselves nervous about their travel without ever even leaving. Tobi was excited to hear what Starr Pine thought about the upcoming travel plans and was sure the Bright Hawk would be excited for the trip.

Tobi washed off and prepared themselves for prayer with Starr Pine and Bright Hawk. Tobi sat in their prayer room, a room in the center of the tree with a top entrance used for Bright Hawk to enter in part human form. The room was very white and there were rainbow stained glass windows, each based on a different element. The light poured into the the very calm and peaceful room, lighting it up with colors and light. There was a table with a cloth, with a variety of items on the it. Since Bright Hawk was a mixed breed, Human & Hawk, it was easy for them to step through the window on the ceiling. Bright Hawk was a Bard and their ability to take someone on a spiritual journey with their instruments is their personal strength.

Bright Hawk appeared through their entrance. As Bright Hawk landed on the perch outside, the glass door gently swung open. The opening perfect for Bright Hawk to transform into their human form. As they stepped through the door the bird legs of the hawk stretched out to become human legs although feathers still covered their thighs and entire body presented in a curvy strong human form with bright white and tan feathers from their thighs up to their shoulders. Their faced pushed out from the face of the hawk into a human female face with a huge smile that wrinkled her eyes. Her eyes became even softer and had a rosey soft feather all around from her eyes up to her hair, wrapping around her the top portion of her face. The skin that emerged in the lower half of her face down her neck was tinted darker showing her human decent. Her Hair seemed to flow from the feathers into a white mane of thick long hair. She stood looking at the Hobbit with a big smile and stepped forward for a hugged greeting. Both of them smiled at each other as if they had longed for this moment, obviously good friends. Tobi explained their experience earlier in the day with Burdock and how they were hoping to better understand how all of this would work out by praying before bed. Bright Hawk was excited for the adventure with friends. Bright Hawk took the stool just beside the alter in this round room and picked up their instrument from beside the altar.

Holding their metal spaceship looking instrument, called the handpan, in their lap they began to play the songs for the divine, to help Tobi and Starr Pine speak to the divine. As Tobi Prayed for clarity, lit candles, lit an incense and held a stone in their hand they listened to the vibrations of Bright Hawk’s instrument. Tobi reached for their sacred pipe, filled with sacredly grown Longbottom Leaf from their Hobbit friend on the mountain. Tobi used a match to smoke their pipe and asked the Goddess Longbottom to speak through this amazing herb as Tobi prayed. Tobi sipped at their Sacred Tea, with the intention to hear what messages it may hold for them. The vibrations of the handpan changed the energy in the room. The Hobbit could see the Hawk’s smile was so big her eyes were closed and she leaned back as if she was hearing her own messages. Tobi stepped out onto the roof onto the Bright Hawk’s perch. Sitting on the perch with their big Hobbit feet dangling beneath them through the opening for the Bright Hawk, the Hobbit stared off into the star lit sky of Longbottom. As the Hobbit stared into the sky, clouds, and mountains the shapes of the mountains began to form images to support the Hobbit’s vision. The Hobbit watched as a cloud just above a mountain top forms into a White Pegasus. As the Hobbit moved their attention to the mountain top they realized that mountain top had transformed into a wizard with a staff in the air. As if the wizard was manifesting the Pegasus. The Hobbit wondered, “Ok so where do we find this wizard?”

The handpan vibrations got louder and more intense and suddenly the Hobbit began to feel more present in the moment and in their space, realizing where they were. Feeling sleepy from the days excitement the Hobbit jumps down, landing perfectly on their very large rounded feet, that seemed bigger than the hobbit breeds from the Shire but also less hairy. Tobi gave thanks and gratitude for the messages they received and was confident that by morning it would all make sense. Tobi was sure that by the time they all sat with Burdock at the table with the breakfast bread, everything would be very clear. Tobi bowed to Bright Hawk and thanked her tremendously for this beautiful music and prayers. Tobi asked the Hawk to meet them in the morning for breakfast bread, where all things would become clear. Tobi gave the Hawk a basic kiss on the hand and left the prayer room, heading for bed.

Bright Hawk put their instrument away and quickly put their arms down close to their body and seemed to come up on their toes but quickly a bird transfromed and flew out the opening. The glass door closing behind them the Bright Hawk flew higher and higher away from the Hobbit home. Bright Hawk knew exactly where they were going, eventually landing on the perch of a small hut deep in the forest on the other side of the mountains.

It was night and soon enough Bright Hawk’s friend would wake from its evening hunt. The Hawk stared into the window waiting to see the light of a candle. Within moments of the Bright Hawk’s landing something stirred within the hut and a candle was lit. Bright Hawk pecked a rhythm into the glass window, as if saying a secret code for the creature within it. The Creature opened the window, as if to let the Hawk enter. The Hawk flew inside to sit upon a perch beside the desk. The Creature began to light more lights.

Bright Hawk transformed into Human form standing with confidence and strength Bright Hawk smiles at their very close friend. A smooth skinned human form steps forward wrapped completely in a dark robe with a hood. Bright Hawk reaches out to push the hood back off the creatures head. A bald head with a smooth snake like skin smiles back at her. The snake like creature stood in front of the hawk with an intense stare. The two exchanged intense looks into each others eyes and Bright Hawk stepped back and dropped her hands down.

The snake creature smiled at Bright Hawk and said, “Welcome my old friend, I feel honored to have an unannounced vissssit from you.”

Bright Hawk smiled with a big smile and said with a joyful tone, “My friend Jake, I love you! I have seen how our dreams can happen. I must bring you with me!”

Jake hisses and smiles. Then turns away to drop their robe and reach for their belt. Turning back around to face Bright Hawk the creature stood in front of the hawk with nothing but a belt. Their human form appeared long, slim, muscular and round. Their skin was dark brown with light brown markings like that of a python. Their belt laid upon their hips with some sacks and decorative cover cloth in the front, all made from snake skin with a silvery reflection.

“Bright Hawk, you know I can’t do that. My breed hassss a bad reputation and for ssssure people will asssssume I am evil. This is NOT a good way to sssstay alive! You KNOW Bright Hawk how painful it issss to me but I sssstill cannot leave my issssolation and darknesssss. I would love to journey with you my dear bright light friend, but I am ssssure your innocencssse has made you forget how otherssss ssssee me. Even if they are ssssimply projectionssss of evil from their own ssssoulssss, I cannot challenge this cultural sssstory. I fear it will lead to my death.”

Bright Hawk sat down at the tables in the kitchen. The hut was one big room with a basic kitchen, a bed and a few small closets. The entire place was dark as more candles are lit by Jake, the more Bright Hawk could see, she began to notice that the wizard Jake had been hard at work. There were shelves full bottles of herbs and unusual items likely used for magick spells. There were jars of supplies everywhere, herbs hangining from the ceiling and pots left on the stove. It was obvious the wizard had been preparing for something.

Bright Hawk smiled and asked innocently, “So what are you getting ready for? Looks like you are making potions and such, never seen you this busy.”

Jake steps forward into more light and Bright Hawk can see that Jake’s muscles are bulging as if they had just finished working out. “I don’t know but when itssss time I will know. My ancesssstorssss have told me I will need thesssse thingssss for an upcoming working. I don’t know the detailssss but it involvessss an Androgynoussss Peaceful Warrior, Burdock.”

The Hawk laughs and for a split second shows her wings and knocks over a candle from the table. Her laughter shakes the room and the shattering of the glass candle holder leads to the snakes hiss and shriveling up to a coiled snake on the floor for just a moment, and then returning to their human form. Belt still perfectly in place over their genitalia, as if to hide it. The snake skin wrapped it in a way that made it look as if Jake held a male body. The Hawk laughed at this display of excitement and her eyes practically closed from her big smile. The snake began to clean up the glass while the Bright Hawk explained the vision they had while playing for the Hobbit’s prayers. The Bright Hawk explained how they had agreed to travel on an adventure along with the Dryad, Starr Pine, and Androgynous Peaceful Warrior, Burdock.

Jake hissed at this statement and smiled, “Of coursssse you would be the bird to carry me in their beak to a meeting with Burdock, I knew that to be true! Grateful you had the ssssame vissssion!” Jake hissed more and added, “I have vissssioned my creation of a Pegassssussss, its a vehicle that will carry the entire party.”

They stared at each other for a moment. Breaking the silent stare Bright Hawk says, “Yes that was exactly the vision I had while playing and then the Hobbit explained how we needed a wizard to create a Pegasus! You are the only snake/wizard I know!”

Jake hissed “It doessssn’t change my fear but if there wassss ever a reasssson to leave it would be with a bright light like you. I am grateful you even ssssee me, you are sssso bright! I pray that you don’t eat me or that thissss issssn’t a ssssly trick to get me to do magick for you before you eat me!”